The slicers are a new option that was introduced in the Excel 2010 version. It displays on-screen buttons, enabling us to filter the pivot table data.

This new option is easy to operate, and displays the current filtering state clearly, thus making the report data more readable for the user.

Using the slicer s replaces the use of drop-down lists for selecting the items to be filtered (as done with the other filter components).

In order to use the slicers tool, make sure that the file is in the 2010 format at least.

Creating filters using slicers:

Create a pivot table>Under the “ANALYZE” tab, select “Insert Slicers” (it can also be found in the “INSERT” tab):


The following window will appear:
Pivot Table Slicers

Select the fields you want to add as slicers to the pivot table and click OK.
The following slicer window will appear:
Pivot Table

Once we have selected the items we want, only the filtered records will be displayed:
pivot table excel

Note: To select multiple filters, use Ctrl:
excel pivot table

Creating connections:

If there are a number of pivot tables based on the same data, the slicers can be linked to more than one table:

Click pivot table

The following window will appear:
pivot table excel

Select the desired tables.





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