I have been dealing with Excel for over twenty years and always like to learn new things.
We all know that Excel continuously renews, and there is always something to learn.
Even things I already know, it’s still fun to find a new refreshing angle.

How do I do it?
I just get the best teachers!
I dedicate this page to recommendations on the best courses, webinars, books, and add-ins I have found.
I have personally checked and tried each one of them!
Some are free; some require payment.
However, I wish you productive work, and please let me know how the material helped you

The Best FREE webinars I’ve attended:

FREE Pivot Tables Webinar FREE Dashboards Webinar Free Power BI Webinar
Free Excel Dashboard Webinar Power BI Webinar


The Best Courses I’ve attended:

Xtreme Pivot Tables Dasbhords Power BI
300x250 Learn Excel Dashboard Course Power BI Course
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