How to change the shape of Bars in a chart?

A little tip for all the Dashboard builders:
How to change the shape of the bars in a graph

Did you know that you can easily change the shape of bars?
When we add a bar chart, it appears like this:

But if we want to create this chart?

We can, even easily!
Add a Shape sheet (Insert tab> Shapes), and rotate it in the right direction.
(That is, if the shape appears with the head down, rotate it so that it appears with its head up.
At the same time change the color to the desired color and take care of the borders, if necessary)
Now, all you have to do is copy the newly added shape (Ctrl + c)
Click with the cursor on one of the columns in the chart and paste (ctrl + v).
Note that when you select one bar, all the bars of that series are also selected.
don’t double click, it will select the specific bar you clicked on.
If this happens, just click outside the graph somewhere, and then click on one of the bars so that all of them are selected at once.
This technique is not only limited to shapes, you can add an image from your computer, copy it, and again, click with the cursor on one of the columns in the chart and paste.
My client who deals with agriculture received a chart like this:

** After you paste, you can delete the shape or image you added.

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