Excel VBA Book

Excel VBA for Non-Programmers

This book was written for you if you would like to:

  • Automate your files, instead of creating the same reports over and over again
  • Develop forms, screens and “machines” for data management within your organization
  • Be your organization Excel’s wiz
  • Turn Microsoft Excel into a powerful tool in your daily work

Why VBA? Why this book?

  • Because VBA is the easiest language ever!
  • Bacause it is written with no technical terms, in an everyday language!
  • Because if you get stucked, you can always record a Macro
  • Because this book is designed for self learning

this is what other readers said:

“I use this book in my Introduction to MIS class. It’s a great way to illustrate programming in a non-technical class”

“This book is laid out with a plan and is written very well. It absolutely explained the basics of VBA to me and let me try little snippets of code along the way. I completely recommend it to anyone trying to understand VBA”

“Highly recommended for beginners! At first I tried to learn VBA online but I got really confused, this book puts things in the right order and explains well all the basics”

“Excellent book to learn the practical use of advanced Excel macro to resolve complicated calculations”

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