Conditions to Create a Pivot Table

In this article, I will cover the main issues you have to consider while creating your data table,
that is the base for all your Pivot Table’s analysis.
Creating a well-formed data table will enable you to create your Pivot Table easily,
And get all the data you need at a glance

Necessary conditions

  • Each column of the Pivot Table must have a title.
  • The title should be written in a single row.
  • In a column, all the items should be of the same data type (numbers, dates or strings).
  • The data table should not contain any merged cells.
  • The data table should not contain subtotals or grand totals (unless you use a dynamic table).
  • Empty rows or columns should not remain within the table (if an empty row or column remains, Excel will treat the table as two different ones).
  • After creating a pivot table, do not change the titles of the fields, otherwise the pivot table values will be deleted.

Desirable conditions

  • Unique names for each column
    (when two fields are given the same name, the title of the second field will be appended at end with 2, i.e. “salary2″).
  • Complete data for all records
    (when data is missing, the calculations will only be applied to the available records. This can be observed in the cases of calculations such as averages, etc).

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