Changing the Shape of Bars – Advanced

Remember the article in which I showed you how to change the shape of the chart columns
to create a professional Dashboard, like no one else has?
(If not, please read it here)
So this was the chart generated:

Which we built by adding this shape:

Now, I want you to notice the edge –
When the bar is low, the edge is rounded
When the bar is high, the edge becomes more pointed.
Because it damages the aesthetics of the Dashboard, I want to find a way that will make all edges equal.
For this we’ll have to do some behind-the-scenes work:
Let’s take the data and divide it into two parts. The bottom part, which will be rectangle, and the top that will be round at the end.
How to determine the edge size?
Let’s look at our data table:

It is clear to us that the size of the rounded edge should be the lowest value,
So we’ll add a formula to our data table that will calculate the lowest value in the range

In our case, I calculated the minimum of the range in column B
Here are the numbers I got:

Now, we have to complete the height to get the real value,
and this is done by subtracting the minimum value we received from sales:

That’s it, we’re done with the preparations.

Now let’s create a stacked bar chart from the new data.
The bottom of the chart (rectangle) will be the difference
And the upper is the minimum (rounded edge).
You may find it easier to switch between the columns
so that the difference that is the lower part will be placed before the minimum, which is the top value,
But it can also be done in the chart itself, as I will show you soon.

So now, we will select the data of column A, press the Ctrl key on the keyboard and select the data of columns C and D.
(columns A, C, D are highlighted now)
select Insert> chart> Stacked Columns.

This is the chart we get:

Now we have to switch between the blue and the orange:
so we right-click the chart> ‘select data’ and change the order of the series:

That’s it, We got a chart whose bottom part changes, and the upper part is constant.

From here, we already know what to do –
We will change the color of the lower part to the desired color,
Add the shape to the top, change its color and remove the borders.
Copy it and paste it instead of the top of the chart:

And how did I add the team names?
You’ll have to wait patiently for the next article …

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