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Pivot Tables
Smart Data Analysis

A pivot table is a simple, yet powerful technique, that enables Excel's users to transform data overload into meaningful and organized knowledge.

PDF copy: $9.97

Excel VBA
For Non Programmers

For the “non-programmers” among us who have to create the same reports in Microsoft Excel time and again, and would like to automate the process

PDF copy: $6.73

Be an Excel Expert
Macro Recording

Using advanced knowledge of Excel, knowledge learned in this book, we can record the steps or operations that we want to perform, and then press a button to repeat them over and over again

PDF copy: $7.97

"Pivot tables can really save me hours of hard work. thank you for a well written and practical book, the exercises were excellent too"
A. Eckstein
"Best Intro to VBA you can buy! It absolutely explained the basics of VBA to me and let me try little snippets of code along the way"

"Easy to understand, very practical. this book provides useful tips and insights, and demonstrates how simple it all is"

Ariel, M.
"A Must Have book. I bought this book to improve my Excel skills. The book is easy to follow, the exercises are a great help And the "Data Model" feature is the next quantum leap in Excel! I'm glad I bought it."
A. Kaplan
"Highly recommended for beginners! At first I tried to learn VBA online but I got really confused, this book puts things in the right order and explains well all the basics."

Branco, S.
"Great Book!Takes you step by step into your goal. Full with most valuable tips and tricks!"

Davids, L.

Lady Excel is Maayan Poleg 

First and foremost, she is the proud mother of two adorable daughters.
Maayan holds an MA in Education Administration.

She instructs and develops Excel’s applications since 1996. 
Maayan has an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Pivot Tables and Excel VBA training

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